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Registration for the following courses are still open. Refer maximum of 4 friends and get up to 20% off your monthly course fees.

Certificate in Islamic Studies
Opening this March at a new time slot. Limited Seats Only!

Advanced Certificate in Islamic Studies (New)

Diploma in Arabic Language (FT)
The only college that offers Full-Time Diploma in Arabic Language. Sign up Now!

Diploma in Syariah Islamiyyah (FT & PT)
Madrasah Students who completed O levels, apply now!

Diploma in Tafsir & Hadith (PT)

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Why MIC?

MICS strives to provide Islamic education that remains true to the core of Islamic knowledge while at the same time responding to changes and development affecting society.

Explore Our Students Work

Students are required to produce a thesis that will project their actualization of meaning to the content of their respective courses.

Holistic Education

Our lecturers are mostly professors from IAIN in Padang and graduates from Middle east university such as Madinah, Al-Azhar, Libya, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Current Issues Of Interest

MICS being part of society has a role to engage on some issues of interest. MICS would want to do so in a manner that contributes to the betterment of society as a whole.

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