The programme objectives are as follows:

• to develop students with essential competency in the field of Islamic Law (Fiqh) and its legal theory (Usul Fiqh)
• to nurture students with the values of integrity, leadership, social and professional responsibility for a competitive environment
• to develop students who are able to contribute to national and global development

This programme will equip students with the necessary knowledge and understanding on a wide range of legal and Shari’ah matters. They are exposed to different opinions of Fuqaha. This is the only programme that brings together Islamic studies and the comtemporary knowledge that aims to produce a competitive human resource, especially in the field of Syariah Islamiyyah

Entry Requirements
Pass in Diploma in Islamic Studies level OR any equivalent certificate such as follows :

  • Thanawi ‘Aali (pre-university) certificate from a recognised madrasah or institution or
  • ‘A’ level holder with a pass credit in Islamic Law or
  • Other qualification that is recognized by the Academic Committee of the College as equivalent to the above.


• Upon completion of this programme, students are able to pursue their studies in Master in Islam Studies programme offered by Muhammadiyah Islamic College.

Medium: Malay


Saturdays & Sundays Class:
Saturdays: 3pm to 9 pm & Sundays: 2pm to 7pm

Tuition Fees*
Registration Fee: $95
Course Fee: $ 180 per module
* Fees exclude material/book fees
* Subject to changes



Current as of 22nd Feb 18

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