Arabic Language (Full Time)
  • Very good proficiency in the four language skills.
  • Very good concept and understanding of the Arabic language including all its branches/extensions.
  • Good understanding of Islamic Sciences.


In this programme, student will master the two major branches of the Arabic language, which are the Arabic linguistics and literature. The Arabic linguistics will encompass multiple disciplines such as Nahu (synthax),sarf (morphology), fiqh al-lughah (comprehension of language) and Fan al-tarjamah (art of translation). Student will study various theories surrounding Arabic linguistics such as the famous school of Basri and Kuufi. This is to give an in-depth understanding of Arabic linguistics through the perspective of Arabs and how it influence our understanding of the Qur`an and the hadith. 

As for literature, student will not only learn the various literary texts (Al-adab) but also analyse the style, the tone and the language of these text through the study of (Al-balaghah). Both will give insights into the culture and civilisation of Arabs which ultimately will allow student to comprehend as to why Qur`an is the best form Arabic literature. In addition, student will realise and appreciate that the words, sentence structure and style of language used in Qur`an are detailed, accurate and purposeful.    

These will grant student a better understanding of the language and a sense as to why this particular language was chosen as the last revelation in Islam and why learning this language is key in understanding the Quran and hadith, which are fundamental in immersing with Islam. This course will provide a practical side to the language especially as student in Singapore`s context. They will be equipped with Arabic communicational and writing skills which will be useful for prospective students who will pursue their studies in any Middle Eastern or Malaysian universities. In addition, students are also exposed to method of Arabic teaching which is imperative as student will in turn be an educator in the future.

Medium: English & Arabic Language

Entry Requirements 

  • Direct entry for MIC Pre-Diploma holders with the passing grade of ‘Very Good’, Full-time pre-university madrasah graduate or equivalent qualification.
  • GCE “O” Level graduate, Full-time secondary madrasah or equivalent may be subjected to an entrance test.


Student must complete and pass all 85 credit hours by which a pre-diploma certificate in Arabic language will be granted.

Repeat of subject/ semester

  • Students who fail 3 or more subjects must repeat the whole semester.
  • Students who fail less than 3 subjects will be allowed for a resit examination by which the highest attainable grade is C. Students who fail in the resit must retake the subject(s) in the next semester.
  • No provision of supplementary class unless sufficient number of student register for a particular subject. Hence, students will have to wait for the next available class.



Mon, Tue, Wed, and Friday: 8.30am – 3.00pm

Thurs: 8.30am to 4pm (Students are required to attend CCA, which will end at 4pm on Thursdays.)

*Subject to changes


Tuition Fees* 

Registration Fee: $95

Course Fee: $ 210 per month

* Fees exclude material/book fees

* Subject to changes


Curriculum Structure




Current as of 22nd Feb 18

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