Arabic Language (Full Time)
This program is designed to provide students with in depth knowledge in Arabic Language and Literature as well as Islamic Studies. It also aims to equip students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of Arabic Language and Islamic studies. 
At the end of the program, students should have been equipped with theories of Arabic Language 
and Literature and also Islamic studies and put them into practice in their future lives. 
Medium : English & Arabic Language
Admission requirements
1- 3 passes in GCE ‘O’ Level or its equivalent (Arabic Placement Test: APT)
2- Diploma in any discipline
3- Diploma in Islamic Studies from other Islamic Institutions                         
4- Certificate in Islamic Studies/Arabic Language from MIC
5- Any other qualifications that are recognized by the Academic Committee of the College as equivalent to the above.
Monday – Friday, 9.00 am – 2.30 pm
*Subject to changes
Tuition Fees*
Registration Fee: $95
Course Fee: $ 210 per month
* Fees exclude material/book fees
* Subject to changes
Curriculum structure
In order to obtain a Diploma in Islamic Studies in Arabic Language or Arabic Language and Arabic Literature, a student must 
comply with all requirements set by the College. Student must complete 85 credits for graduation requirement. 
updated 1/11/16
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