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Islamic Tertiary Education

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Islamic College

Muhammadiyah Islamic College Singapore (MIC) is the pioneer tertiary Islamic education institution in modern day Singapore. MIC aspires to be a premier provider of Islamic education at tertiary level.

MIC has achieved several milestones as an Islamic tertiary educational institution in Singapore. Since it began in 2000, it has produced 4 batches of graduates with Bachelors’ Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.

MIC is registered with the Ministry of Education of Singapore and is an established and recognized private Islamic Educational Institution.

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Mark your calendars! MIC will be having our Open House at Madrasah Arabiah! Come check us out!



IMPORTANT! Class cancelled on Thursday, spread the word!



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Our Courses


Certificate in Arabic Language
(Full Time)

Certificate in Islamic Studies
(Part Time)

Advanced Certificate in Islamic Studies (Part-Time)


Arabic Language (Full Time)


Diploma in Arabic Language
(Full Time)

Diploma in Islamic Studies: Syariah Islamiah (Part-Time)

Diploma in Islamic Studies: Tafsir & Hadith (Part-Time)


To be announced

Ready to embark on the journey of knowledge?

“Whoever travels a path in search on knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.”

What is MIC to our students?

Syafiq Asyraf

MIC is more than just a place to study. It is a place where friendships are forged. Everyone here is like a family.

Syafiq Asyraf Bin Samsudin

Certificate in Arabic Language
Afiqah Ali

MIC is like a second
home to me.

Nurul Afiqah Binte Mohd Ali

Pre-Diploma in Arabic Language
Elmi Hamidah

MIC helps you learn,
change and grow to become a better person and Muslim.

Elmi Hamidah Sully

Diploma in Shariah Islamiah
Ridhuwan Rashid

MIC, a place for those who love the Arabic Language.

Mohamad Ridhuwan Bin Rashid

Diploma in Arabic Language